Training for Specific Dog Behavior Problem Areas

We offer one on one private training to handle your specific dog behavior issues. Be sure to have a list of all your questions and naughty behaviors when you come so we can address them all!  Often we can clear up 80% of your problems in this one session however it is VERY important for you to follow through with what you have learned and practice at home. Also coming to group classes will help your confidence in working with the dog and the new techniques and information you learned in the private session. We encourage all family members to come to the private appointment or anyone who is going to be living with the dog. Sometimes it is very difficult to re-create an issue your dog only has at home in another setting. 

Dogs are location specific so they may act perfectly in a group class but at home, it may be another story!  Also at home, your dog is more likely to be territorial which can cause some other issues like fence fighting or barking at people or other dogs walking by.  


Bottom line.... if your dog is misbehaving or has bad habits it is probably something you inadvertently taught him! Don't beat yourself up over it! We are here to help! We are here to teach you how to teach your dog.


Call for click to set up an appointment so we can meet your dog.