Dogs with Behavior Problems or Anti-Social / Aggressive Actions

Our goal at Rocks is to give you an all-around ability to communicate with your dog in all situations.  We believe what we call behavior problems in most cases is really an inability to communicate.


Since the dog doesn't understand what we want, his "behavior problem" is really a lack of clearly communicating with him in a way that he can understand.


Our foundation of communication should be able to allow us to clearly show the dog what we want under a variety of conditions.  Practical obedience with positive control gives us this and more.


When you break it down 95 plus percent of anything we want the dog to do will begin and with him at a sit down or stand—period!


Most general behavior problems can be worked through in group lessons. True behavior problems regarding aggressive or anti-social actions, resource guarding, food aggression, inappropriate play with other dogs, etc, are scheduled as private lessons and are planned to custom fit your dog's needs.