Not a Bad Dog--

Just Bad Behavior


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Taking Your Pet for a Walk Should be Fun and Relaxing

Many people look forward to coming home from a long day and going for a walk with their dog in their Union neighborhood.  For some that walk is anything but fun.  If you are one of those dog owners whose left arm feels longer than the right one because your dog keeps pulling when you have them on a leash you need a new communication system with your dog.  You need to let them know this is not appropriate behavior.


Strangers, other canines, automobiles and cats can bring an unwanted from your walking companion.  With the proper use of your collar and leash you can teach your pet to walk on a loose leash and have him stay at your side as you walk down your Union street.


All dog training done at Rock’s uses the loose  format in a humane way.  In a short time your dog will be walking at your side and you will enjoy your walks together.


Give Frank Allison a call or click to schedule an appointment and he will teach you how to train your dog.

Training Your Dog to Walk While on a Leash near Union, IL