Practical Dog Obedience Training

Offered in Group Sessions or Private Lessons

Practical Obedience classes are formulated around everyday life. The basic commands of sit, down, here, heel and stand as well as the positive meaning behind no, good and it's okay are the central point from which we build the type of obedience used in our daily lives.


Daily problems such as counter surfing, garbage rummaging, tugging on a leash during walks, charging doors when someone knocks, whining, barking uncontrollably etc. are all addressed in these lessons. Distractions and small obstacles are also introduced because the well trained dog should respond to commands under many different circumstances.


We host a variety of group classes and dog interaction activities. We believe in activity based learning for your dog. A "hands on" approach to training. Our classes are a bit different than what most people are used to. We do not focus on just "static functions" i.e. sit, down etc. Depending on what dog behavior problems people are having, that is what we will work on in class that day. This way YOU get to choose so you get the most out of your training!  Specialty classes such as Canine Good Citizen, Advanced handling, nosework and more.


Give us a call and schedule a class today - we'd love to meet you and your canine companion.