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    Who Else Comes Home Tonight,
    Takes The Dog Out,
    And faces A Constant
    Battle Of Wits & Energy?

  • In Praise Of The Pinch Collar The Allison Method uses a pinch collar. This link is an independent finding supporting the effectiveness, safety and humane aspects of pinch collars. According to the author, "It is my belief that the true power of the pinch collar is the similarity in the sensation it makes when popped and released to the sensation made by the mamma-bitch briefly grabbing the whelp by the neck with her teeth. Thus the impact on the dog is through his social psychology by making the statement " I , your mother, don't approve of your behavior", rather than through his self-preservation psychology by causing pain. Since the bitch rarely bites the puppy's neck very hard, it should not be necessary to give more than a moderate pop on the pinch collar, and indeed for the most part I find that light to moderate "pop" is all that is needed."

  • Prong Collar Info
    A Study on Prong Collars was done in Germany:

    * 100 dogs were in the study. 50 used choke and 50 used prong.
    * The dogs were studied for their entire lives. As dogs died, autopsies were performed.
    * Of the 50 which had chokes, 48 had injuries to the neck, trachea, or back. 2 of those were determined to be genetic. The other 46 were caused by trauma.
    * Of the 50 which had prongs, 2 had injuries in the neck area, 1 was determined to be genetic. 1 was caused by trauma.

  • The Pet Web Library
    Our hospital strives to provide informational materials on some of the most common medical concerns of pet dogs & cats.
    We have adapted this material to the World Wide Web so that the entire global community may benefit.
    Topics are arranged below alphabetically.

  • Megaesophagus
    One of my client's German shepherds was recently diagnosed with a disease called megaesophagus (an enlargement of the esophagus).
    This site explains the symptoms, possible causes and how to help megaesophagus dogs lead happy, healthy lives

  • Yellow Brick Road Rescue


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  • From the Heart Animal Care Services: Providing Animal Reiki Healing - 414-758-6626

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