Rock's Positive K-9 Training Website has fantastic information for the dog owner. 

Some of the topics include:

Non-stop Barking, Barking,  Barking...

It is their job to bark when a stranger comes to the house but you should train them that an "okay" from you means you have the situation under control and your protector can stop growling.

Is Your Dog Truly Aggressive Or Does It Just Look That Way?

90% of the time the canine is just displaying fake aggression.

Taking Your Dog for a Walk Should be Fun and Enjoyable

If you are one of those dog owners whose left arm feels longer than the right one because your dog keeps pulling when you have them on a leash you need a new communication system with your pet.

Good Dog Behavior Should Start Early

The most critical time in the dog's life to work on socialization is between 10 months and 24 months of age...and then continue forever.

Where Did Your Sandwich Go?

Some dogs steal food and paper products from the kitchen counters. We've even seen pets that can pick pockets!

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