Group Training Classes

Please note that our group classes are not open to the public.

(A 2-hour private appointment with either Frank or Dana is required before attending group class)


We host a variety of group classes and dog interaction activities.  We believe in activity-based learning for your dog.  A "hands-on" approach to training.   Our classes are a bit different than what most people are used to. 

We do not focus on just "static functions" i.e. sit, down etc.  Depending on what dog behavior problems people are having, that is what we will work on in class that day. This way YOU get to choose so you get the most out of your training!

Come join us, wear comfy shoes and have some fun!  Individual classes are $25.00 or you can pre-purchase 5 classes and get the  6th class free!  You do not have to take the 6 classes in a row, you have 3 months to use them.

Stop in and say hi!  We would love to meet you and your canine friend!  

We also provide Private appointments, Advanced and Specialty classes such as  Canine Good Citizen, Advanced handling, nose work and puppy classes, one-on-one private training. Please call for specific prices and/or specialty class dates. You can click on the left panel on the home page under training/private training for more details.


Our Regular Obedience classes are as follows:


EVERY Sunday (except holidays)  

11 am - 12 pm at 

at Rock's in Big Bend 

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EVERY Thursday (except holidays)

 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm at Rocks in Big Bend

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The third Saturday of each month-times and location may vary