Training Your Dog to Live Safely, Calmly & Peacefully in YOUR World

Rock's is a training facility where practical obedience with positive control is highlighted for good behavior during everyday life experiences.


Training foundation commands are essential for all dogs.  Our emphasis is not only training these commands but using them in the context of your life.


Poor canine greeting manners, counter surfing, taking comfortable walks with your dog, meeting new dogs, chewing, and everything else canine owners experience while raising and living with their companions are addressed when training with Rock's.


Rock's specializes in behavior problems involving aggressive or anti-social canine issues. Our trainer, Frank M. Allison III, has had decades of experience with the badly behaved dog.  Rock's Positive K-9 Training offers private dog training and group dog lessons to accommodate your schedule.  Our private training sessions can be customized to your needs. We also offer workshops & seminars to clubs, rescues or civic groups.

We are open every day by appointment

It is our goal to train the dog owner as well as the dog!  We strive to educate people in the proper ways to communicate, care for and handle their canines so they may both live a more fulfilling and happy life together.


View a few examples of what you might experience during your dog obedience training classes with Frank.

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